Our Facility will offer SYNTHETIC ICE TRAINING for abilities.

We welcome Clubs, Teams and Individuals, to our hockey training facility, Our Facility is here for YOU to elevate yourselves to your highest athletic ability for ice hockey through drills, skill training and learning.

XO TRAINING caters for Ice Hockey Players, Figure Skaters, and Speed Skaters of all ages and abilities.

  • All ages
  • Customised team tactical training
  • Age group specific training sessions
  • Power skating and edge control techniques
  • Puck Control/Protection, techniques
  • Passing, Shooting, techniques
  • Hockey skills development
  • Personal & group training for adults and children
  • Children 16 and under 10:1 Trainer ratio
  • Development programs to enhance your existing hockey skills, and ongoing stage reviews
  • Shop in the facility, selling Hockey/Figure/Speed Skating related products

What is Ice Hockey?

Ice Hockey, predictably, is played on an ice surface known as the rink. This rink is divided into three sections, which are separated by blue lines; a middle section, usually referred to as the ‘neutral zone’; an end section called ‘the defending zone,’ which is, for each team, the section closest to their own goal; […]

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Getting Started in Ice Hockey

If you are planning to take ice hockey up as a hobby, the bad news is that you will need to buy quite a lot of equipment and most of it is fairly expensive. The good news is that you should have no need to replace these items frequently, particularly if you invest in high […]

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